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let’s just watch movies in just our underwear and kiss a lot

sounds nice :)

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Most times I feel like I'm a girl trapped inside a guy's body. I mean I would never do surgery. Idk that's just not something I would want to do. I am attracted to women. I do like having a penis. I just idk. I feel more comfortable around women and talking feminine. I'm not very "macho" or "manly" but what is manly anyways? Y'know? Idk I just feel uncomfortable sometimes. Just thought i could talk to you because you feel that androgyny suits you. *shrug*

Asked by Anonymous

hi there, let’s chat. i understand where you’re coming from

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Zoom i like my hair and outfit today… :)

i like my hair and outfit today… :)

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Zoom my idol <3

my idol <3

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Zoom &lt;3


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he looks so sweet when he smiles and laughs. :)

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